Her Credit Card

Keith really couldn’t believe she asked about this credit card, 5 years ago. Like…really? He emailed her again at 5:13pm and said that it really made him laugh that she was trying to dispute a credit card charge that she made 5 years ago, and as of last night, she didn’t even have the number for it. He told her that didn’t even make sense. He really felt she was coming at him from another angle, another something to bitch at him about. He asked, “Since when do credit cards offer a 5 year dispute clause? Ask (her ex husband’s name), he may have record of the number. Keith”

He did throw in a few “HA HA HA’s” in his email, wondering what the catch was. She was not happy with his response. She wrote back at 6:51pm saying “Haa haa yourself. I just asked if you had any record of the VISA number- It was closed 3 years ago-The dispute is with the company the charge was made at not the credit card. I no longer know (her ex husbands name)”

Huh?? I mean, really, HUH?

At 8:11 pm Keith responded back, “Doesn’t matter when it was closed. According to your email, you are disputing a charge made in 2000 (5 years later) and you didn’t/don’t even the number. Lucky (her ex husbands name) I bet he counts his lucky starts every day. Wonder if you knew him when you forged his signature on legal documents.” and Keith threw in several HA HA HA HA, because he feels this is a joke.

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