She emailed Keith this morning at 7:19am.

How can someone wake up in a bad mood? LOL She wrote, “You are really sick and twisted. Act all nice then into the bitch that you are. I merely asked for the credit card number no need to turn into your own parade. I never forged (her ex’s) signature.”

Keith asked, at 8:02am, “why would you think I had your credit card number from 2000? your memory sure fails you about that year. I don’t know who you are calling a bitch, but I didn’t know a man could be one. of course you deny forging (her ex’s) signature, even though it is obvious you did. If you admitted it, you stand more of a chance of being charged with not only perjury, but forgery too. you know, paranoid personality disorder describes you to a t. look it up. hope your day goes better. Keith.”

Just an FYI- Paranoid Personality Disorder | Psychology Today

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