Still I Rise (Maya Angelou)

My husbands ex wife hated me from the gate. I really have no idea why. Is it because she never really got over him? I mean, she did say that just because they get divorced legally, it didn’t have to mean the end of them, that she wanted to still see/ date him, she just didn’t want to be married anymore. Was she still in love with my husband? I actually think so. Other things she has said through out the years and and the way she harped on him constantly, gave me the impression she never got over him. Oh sure she would say she hated him, she said he made her hate him more and more each day, BUT, there is a fine line between love and hate, after all.

This woman hates me so much that she accused me and convinced her kids that I was the cause of her divorce from her second husband, even though she lives in ANOTHER state, approximately 1300 miles away. How could I be the cause of her divorce?

Forget the fact that she called the cops on my husband, damn near getting him arrested by lying to them, telling them he had taken their kids out of the county of San Diego and was holding them against their will. He had to prove she and her then husband dropped the kids off for an agreed upon visitation.

I only met her second husband once, in July 1995, the same time I met her. What a first impression that was. I have seen her a couple times throughout the years at visitation time, but I’ve never seen her with her sun glasses off. I wonder why. I’ve seen pics of her, one from 1986 when my husband and her were married, one from 1993 when she married her second husband and she sent not one but two pics of them. I saw a pic of her when she was written about in her hometown paper sometime in 2000’or 2001. Ive spoken to her on the phone more than I have seen her.

This woman wrote an email to me dated March 14, 2002, telling me “ I will be sure to kiss on your grave and make sure it says that you wasted your life on being a bitch and getting into peoples business… you are mean, vicious, vindictive, jealous and just plain ugly.”

This lady has verbally threatened me (via telephone), she constantly put my children down, she’s accused me of impersonating her and her daughter to obtain information on them, AS IF…

So when I read this poem by Maya Angelou, she was the first person I thought of. She tried bringing me down, but she didn’t. She couldn’t.

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