2nd Drive By by the “ex-wife” on my MSN Spaces


Again, since you like to throw accusations out there without proof, please tell how I did all I could to keep Keith apart from his kids. I’d LOVE to hear about the power you gave me. I do, however, remember you telling Keith to “kick down with the fucking money and you can see your kids.” You’ve also denied him visitation PLENTY of times, so many times you did not foster a relationship between him and your his kids with him, plenty of times you have frustrated his visitations with his kids, playing parental gatekeeper for no reason. Why was her NEVER allowed to call the kids on their cell phones? Why was he always threatened with a lawsuit for harassment if he did? Why was he always told you’d change their numbers and not give him the new numbers if he called their cellphones? Why did you always DEMAND he call the kids on your home phone?

We saw his family often. Why did you deny him visitation making it impossible for the kids to see their family if you were so concerned about it. What business was it of yours anyway? I remember when you and Keith had a conversation about your niece and her “extra curricular” activities (how she lost her weight so quickly). I remember Keith telling you he didn’t approve of that influence and you got pissed off at him, telling him she was YOUR family, you’ll deal with her and Keith had no right to do anything.

My daughter is Keith’s youngest daughter. Your daughter, the middle daughter, got the pics she deserved. She DID tell him to fuck off, after all, so she got what she got from me. How did YOU know what pics I had up on MY website? It’s my belief that you or your daughter saved all the pics you wanted from my website and just feel like bitching some more. That’s your sport. Make up shit in your head as if it were true.

SOOO not jealous of Keith’s past, at all, LOL. Funny how you project. You were jealous of Keith’s present, me and our kids. It always baffled me that you listed all this community work you say you’ve done with kids and then bad mouthed mine like you’ve done. Even almost causing my son to nearly fall off a metal railing when you and Keith met up at the beach as a drop off pick up point for Keith’s summer visitation. You think I didn’t see you peel my sons fingers off the railing, but I did. I saw my son almost fall, so I went to pick him up and take him back towards our van.

My kids are good, considering they lost their dad, the man they loved more than anyone could measure.

Listen to you talk about Keith as if you cared about him. You told him he makes you hate him more and more every day. You’ve called him names for over a decade. You’ve told the kids he doesn’t care about them or care to help them. GTFOOHWTBS.

YOU made his life hell, while you were married to him and after he left you. He told me stories, and I couldn’t and didn’t believe them because I could not imagine anyone being so evil and Cruel, but then, I eventually had to concede, he was absolutely right! He told me that ever time you two fought, you would tell him how you will just marry your Second ex husband because he always loved you, as if you thought that would hurt Keith. Come to read that you wrote on his public social media one time that you have loved him for the last 30 years, which put you both around Junior/Seniors in high school. What` Keith wasn’t going to allow was for your second husband at the time to adopt his kids like you suggested.

Your son stopped talking to Keith, 2-3 years before Keith died. In fact, he told Keith he looked forward to NOT hearing from Keith again. So please, spare me the violin playing “Rest in Peace knowing your children love you and wait to see you again some day.” Pathetic, but I know what you’re trying to do, LOL REMEMBER, there’s two sides…

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