Ex wife On my MSN Spaces Page.

“Ex wife,”

Yes, there are two sides to every story, and since Keith is dead, I will be answering for him.

Think to yourself, why would you send your EX husband pics of you and your new husband two of the same pics from your “just passing through” Las Vegas wedding?

Oh, PLEASE tell the “too many to list stories” of what I did to keep Keith and all his children from previous marriages…” keep them from what?

Keith was my husband. His relationship with his two oldest kids was established before I came into the pictures, nice try though. Remember, they were already adults, one already had a child, and I even went to one of their weddings, but please do tell your version.

Keith was fat? He was a 6’2” letter carrier, weighing in between 190-200 lbs. He was good.

So now you are accusing me of Killing Keith without evidence, without proof? The stress came from you actually, all your harassing emails and phone calls to him.

Keith’s daughters had a very weird way of showing their deep love for him, a love “more than anyone could measure?” Hmmm… One, your daughter, told him to stop emailing her and stop writing her and told him to fuck off. That’s love? Wow, that’s warped.

The twisted tales you’re trying to spin makes you a liar. You constantly blaming others for what YOU do makes you a narcissist. Remember when you flew off off the handle at me because I bought airline tickets for your kids to visit Keith, and you were in such a rage I nonchalantly asked “did you take your medicine today?” you told me you hadn’t, that you had been giving a certain diagnose, and you were going to be on my door step and I had better be afraid. Right after that, you told me I was the cause of your second divorce, for which a laughed, loudly. Do you remember this conversation? There’s so much more to it.

Funny you mention “ungodliness” because during that same phone conversation, when I told you that Keith and I pray for you, you told me, “ go to hell bitch! Take your God fearing crap and shove it up your ass!” Oh the irony. Yes, in the end God will decide who he will keep by his side and who will perish in hell. Wonder where you will be with ALL the lies you’ve told your kids about Keith to make them hate him and the lies you told Keith and the false accusations you’ve made against Keith, (calling the cops on him, accusing him of taking the kids out of the county of San Diego and was holding them against their wills). Hell, all you’ve done is LIE. You lied to Welfare about the money Keith was giving you. You didn’t put the money into the Revenue and Recovery like they wanted you to. You lied to the CHURCH to get your marriage to Keith annulled, so you can remarry Your then second husband in the church. You LIED to the CHURCH, my GOD. Your wicked lies will be the stepping stones for your walk to hell.

Yes, I hope I get asked more questions! Maybe I’ll have a Q&A and record it so I can write my book! Great SUGGESTION! ASK me! Ask me about anything related to dealing with you, a high conflict ex, ask me about visitation and denial of visitation, ask me anything…

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