My (now former) stepdaughter has a public MySpace. While her mother is on my case on MY blog and that of a friends, her daughter is writing to her friend on MySpace, at 3:53pm not only explaining to her friend that the “bitch work” she does at work is answering the phones, filing papers and sorting mail for ” her two supervisors. She said “it sucks d*ck so bad…oh well though…” but she actually wrote out the D word. She also wrote, ” but anyways, I got to start working on a paper about my DAD…so its going to take me a while to write it without crying.. so..”

Her mother has ALWAYS hated my husband and I more than she loved her kids. BUT, it was her daughter that told my husband, her dad to “fuck off”…. how do you write about and cry about someone you said such horrible things to the last several years of his life.

The guilt.

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