You NEVER wanted him back? OH right, you wanted him back, just didn’t want to be married anymore, or to him anyway. LMAO. What a JOKE you are.

Keith didn’t desert his kids for over 6 months. He DEFINITELY supported you. There were check stubs and cancelled checks with your name on them for support, for house payments, for child support. Even you wrote checks out to yourself for cash. So don’t go down that rode at all.

Keith’s daughters didn’t love him very much and they certainly were not confused by my so called “interference.” If it wasn’t for my interference, his oldest daughter wouldn’t have gotten help she asked Keith for at one time. She didn’t seem to have a problem when she came to collect on my interference.

There was no recording between Keith and his kids. LOVE how you keep spewing that. Since Keith had trouble getting to talk to his kids by phone when he called YOUR home phone, he resorted to sending email, you know, easier, faster and cheaper. OH, but lets not talk about that.

He didn’t go to WA because HE had to work, but more to the point, WHY did you keep the kids away from him like you admitted, and more than once don’t forget. Why didn’t YOU follow the court ordered visitation? Why was there ALWAYS SO MUCH CHAOS with you when it was time to discuss visitation? WHY was it always a battle? See, you point that one finger at Keith and I can come back with the 3 pointing back at YOU.

After so many graduation invitations? You only have two kids that graduated. One he couldn’t, and one he wasn’t invited.

GEEZUS, I TRULY hope you seek help.

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