My Response to Ex’s Post

Why? It’s not a waste of time. It’s documented proof of the years of harassment you sent our way. Not only that, but it’s my way of venting. 😉

The pictures you inquire about, the two pics of the same were of you and your ‘new’ husband that YOU sent Keith. He didn’t care your got remarried. He felt bad for your nEXt husband. But, let me pose a question to you. Why would YOU, his Ex-wife, keep (allegedly, or so you said) the wedding announcement from when you and Keith got married, after all those years past your divorce.

He believed you when you told him you would let the kids visit. You didn’t ask him several times. Hell, you wouldn’t even help him when he asked you to ask the Post Master in your town if they were hiring, when he was thinking of moving to your town, if not another close by town, so that he could see his kids more.

Why couldn’t you send Keith videos or something of his kid’s soccer games, drama performances, graduation ceremonies from any grade? He had to work, He had to pay child support, because you kept taking him back to court for more money. He couldn’t get the time he wanted for vacations because there were people with more seniority. Also, he wasn’t even invited to your daughter’s graduation ceremony from high school.

Phone calls were NOT recorded between him and all his children. After YOU tried to get him thrown in jail for KIDNAPPING, he was instructed to send you a letter, which he did, to let you know that any and all convo’s between you and him and you and me and he and I and your then husband would be recorded. The fact is you continued your harassing phone call conversations knowing they were being recorded. When we would hang up on you, you would immediately call back, and if we didn’t answer, you would leave a harassing voice mail and follow it up with a just as harassing email.

YOU are the one that suggested email be the way to go. LOL. You don’t remember? On May 24, 1999 you wrote and said, “I hear you have e-mail and a computer online. Would you like to correspond this way instead of by mail? It would be faster, easier and cheaper.” On May 27th, Keith responded that you were right, it would be faster, easier but not sure about cheaper. He also said he you were already aware of his feelings about the kids being exposed to your discussions. He also said since the kids were with him 6-8 weeks a year, that you were more than welcomed to email him at any time, but he wasn’t sure about responding back the same way. He said, “If you can guarantee privacy, no problem then.” His suspicions were right on. You ALWAYS let the kids read what their dad sent you. YOU even admitted to it. You wrote, “Each letter, card, note and otherwise piece of mail is not hidden from the children. If there is something you are hiding or do not want them to see then you should not be writing it. The information we share is about them and concerns them so they have every right to see if they choose…they see the letters arrive and ask what you are writing about this time.” You even said that you “have a password protected email as you should too, so that the kids cannot access the internet or emails without adult supervision. They cannot access my e-mail address or theirs for that matter without my password.” Funny you say, “without adult supervision.”

No one intercepted emails here, but CLEARLY that was not the case at your home. Hell, you more than likely HANDED the kids the emails Keith sent you in response to something you wrote him first, just to continue to use them against Keith, alienating his children from him. THAT is evident. Keith got read every single email and sent every one that had his name one them.

Why weren’t your kids allowed to call their dad during the last 5 years? Why wasn’t Keith allowed to have his kids cell phone numbers so he can call them and talk to them directly? Why did you always threaten him with a lawsuit for an invasion of privacy when he asked for his kids numbers or just happen to find out what one was by searching? You even threatened to change all your numbers and not give them to him if he ever texted or called them on their cells. What is WRONG with YOU? Why did he always have to call the home number and get screened and monitored by you?

I never got in the middle of Keith and his kids. YOU, however, told the kids when to and how high to jump when it came to Keith. YOU were the one to pull the marionette strings that you had attached to the kids backs when it came to Keith.

Why are you so bent on me calling the kids doctors, dentists, optometrists, schools? Because you didn’t want Keith to find out that up to a certain point, you didn’t even have Keith listed in the kids’ files as their father, instead, you had your husband at the time listed, and Keith’s name was nowhere. What JOBS did the kids have that I allegedly called? LOL We weren’t allowed any information what the kids were doing, so how could we/he/I call any place of business they may have worked at? LOL

The only problems there were were caused by you. I wasn’t allowed to speak to your kids, remember? There were no problems between me and the oldest daughter until she spoke to you and your daughter and you both filled her head with lies. It was you that called his first ex a “mouse” because you felt she was timid and meek and weak.

The born kids? Huh? My kids live with me, so there is that. The rest of the kids, yours and the older two, well, I feel bad that their hatred towards me affects their relationship with my kids. That says more about them than it does me. It’s ironic that Keith’s oldest daughter tells him how she had guilt for not keeping in contact with your kids, then she turns around and does the same to mine, in particular, her half-brother, so get the fuck out of here with that bullshit.

Even through your harassment, I’m moving on with my life. He died in November, yet here you are, in February, harassing me on different platforms. Do you feel guilty for all that you did, all the stress you caused him that played a part in his death, that you have to come on platforms of people you don’t even know and spew your hatred of him and me, proving my point, thankyouverymuch? That’s called projecting. That’s on YOU. Maybe you should go see a therapist to help you deal with your anger issues, since remember, back in 1989 or so, you asked HIM to leave. Isn’t it about time you get over it? Because clearly you haven’t.

Keith’s daughters were not “very loving, sweet, and generous girls. They loved their father with all their heart.” Funny how you didn’t mention his son’s. The girls did NOT “love their father with all their heart.” One hadn’t spoken to him in years and one told him to fuck off. If that’s loving him with all their hearts, they are warped. It was YOU that caused the rift between Keith and his kids with YOU. As far as his older two kids go, I had nothing to do with those relationships. They were established before I came into the picture. Frankly, I don’t even know why they were at the Memorial Service either. Just to make sure Keith’s death was real?

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