Even though she had a visit from her local PD just yesterday, she continues on. She is responding to what my friends are saying to her, and they weren’t kind at times. My friend did not appreciate her harassment of me, not her harassment of me on my friends blog.

OH, No….Keith saw his kids when YOU allowed him to. Proof of that is in the emails. and visitation documentation. You NEVER encouraged visits, and you CERTAINLY didn’t pay for them “most of the time.” In fact, you refused to discuss visitations when you took Keith back to court in 1995.

When Keith took you back to court, to get set visitations, you were pissed. He got set visitations, and he was also ordered to pay one half of airfare which was to be from airport to airport ONLY. You took issue with that AFTER court, demanding he pay you gas expenses so you can take the kids to the airport.

After you told him to leave, you never had to drive to LA to find him, LMAO. You were too busy working and complaining to Keith about how much you have to work. How would you have time to go find him? LMAO. You saw him in April of 1990, when you met up so he could see his kids. You saw him with another woman. That must have triggered you. In June of 1990 you told Keith in a letter that your “job is the same, working every day is hard on the kids. I wish I could stay home and play like I used. There are so many things I used to take for granted although I knew then how lucky I was to be able to do what I wanted when I wanted. I know it’s time for a change and I work hard and don’t play as often as I used to But I guess I especially miss taking the kids all over. But like I said, I knew that when I was having fun it would only last for a while. I am thankful I got the opportunity to spend that time at home with the kids. Thank you-” What? did you have a 5-year marriage plan or something when it came to your marriage to Keith? Your divorce was final November 1990.

Asking her daughter if she wanted pics is harassing? Funny! besides, I wrote HER DAUGHTER, not YOU. YOU just can’t seem to keep YOUR nose out of any communication. Your kids are not grieving. Or, maybe they are grieving because they can longer harass their dad. I’m positive their so called grief has nothing to do with the fact that Keith is dead.

Waste my money? On what? LOL What money? I’m having to answer questions from my kids as to why the other kids hated Keith, why the other kids hate them, what did they do to deserve that and trying to help my OWN kids deal with their own REAL grief. My kids said good night to their daddy and went to sleep the evening of Nov. 28, 2005 and never saw him again. I spoke to one friend who wrote beautiful poetry and said his mom went to the same school as I did. He told me a few things about your daughter that weren’t complimentary, but he would say, “but she’s cool.” LOL.

I upset your daughter? YOUR KIDS, both of them, upset my home, my kids, their dad before he died. Me asking your daughter if she wanted pics is NOTHING compared to what your daughter did to my husband. It wasn’t MY daughter or son that told their dad to fuck off.

It’s not ME that needs professional help. Keith has been telling you that YOU need professional help. You screamed at me one time, just before you threatened me, about a diagnosis you’d been given. It was the same time you accused me of being the cause of your second divorce. LMAO…that was funny, but no honey, it’s not ME that needs professional help.

MY kids and I are very close. He has all the family he needs, MY family. His dad’s family can’t get past their hatred towards me to let MY SON know they CARE about him, that they LOVE him and will always be there for him. Same goes for MY DAUGHTER, that Keith raised as his own since she was 10 months old.

YOU are the wicked one, and my life and my kids life will be SO MUCH better without any of YOU in it. You couldn’t stand your kids Dad. You made that PERFECTLY CLEAR, in letters, emails and phone conversations.

You are so right. Keith was a wonderful, giving and generous, kind and compassionate man, It’s too bad you taught your kids to see him in a bad light. It’s too bad you didn’t speak THOSE words to him when he was alive.

He is probably watching from Heaven saying, “Goddamn, I’m gone and J is STILL causing trouble, still harassing my wife. J is STILL talking crap about me, accusing me of abuse, and STILL LYING.”

He stopped drinking beer a decade plus ago. You knew NOTHING about him. Stop acting like you do, and stop acting like you cared about him.

You are a hypocritical, jealous and hateful witch. You taught your daughter to be just like you. You must be so proud.

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