Yes, A Nasty Bitter Ex

You say you “DIVORCED HIM FOR ABUSE-” SURE! LMAO…. What a crock of shit that is. He probably left YOU for Abuse, verbal, mental, emotional. THAT I can see, but not the other way around. He even told me of the many times when you would fight you would always bring up your 2nd ex-husband names, how life would be better with him. You got your wish. Was life not better? Did “John” bring in the $6000 a month Keith was bringing in? Did he save you from the “$800 after taxes” you had to survive on? Was this the business arrangement you told me about?

Yes, J, you are a nasty bitter ex who couldn’t get over the fact that the husband YOU told to leave, did just that and moved on. You CLEARLY were not at peace with Keith before he met me. I’ve read the letters, I’ve heard the stories, your life with your 2nd ex couldn’t have been sunshine and roses otherwise you would not be divorced. Seems even HE couldn’t stand your kind of “Peace” anymore. I really often wondered what HIS ex-wife thought of you and what she thought of the time in July 1995 when you took off like a bat out of hell down our street with HIS son in the car. Remember that? Did she even find out? Things that make you go HMMMMMM….Wished I would have known who she was that time, because I DEFINITELY would have called her and let her know how you ENDANGERED HER SON’S LIFE with your wreckless driving down a residential street.

We KNOW you kept the kids away from him! Keith ALWAYS knew you did and ALWAYS said you did. You finally admit it, AFTER he died. Keith left YOU, not the kids. Not according to the pics I’ve seen, the letters I’ve read and the visitation schedule you told your attorney took place.

You left Keith? In one letter to him you wrote, “Just because we get divorce legally it doesn’t mean have to mean the end of us. I thought about you quite a lot since Easter. I would like to see you again. I just don’t want to be married anymore. I hope you can understand.” Then 5 months later, in another letter you wrote, you said, “The reason I asked you to leave the house because we were fighting so much it wasn’t good for any of us.” YOU were hoping he would come back and you both can start talking again, but it didn’t happen that way.

I contacted your daughter to see if she wanted pictures. CLEARLY that was MY BAD, according to her response. Her MYSPACE is a PUBLIC WEBSITE for ALL to read. What a sordid story she shares on there too, to one of her friends, about you even.

Keith didn’t leave his children. YOU told him to leave and he saw the kids when YOU allowed it, or needed a babysitter. THEN, YOU moved out of state. There were not many invitations at all from you or the kids to go visit him in WA. You invited him ONE TIME, either after your divorce or when your then husband was away at work, to stay at your house but I wasn’t allowed to come. Are you kidding? Keith saw the bullshit in that the minute he read it. HE said “said the spider to the fly” like you were trying to trap him and put him in a compromising position. He wasn’t as stupid as you seemed to have thought he was.

Keith was a happy man. He finally had a marriage that he loved being in, to a wife that loved him just as much as he loved her. He had a partner. He knew I had his back. I’m sorry you didn’t experience that in your marriage to him, or to your 2nd ex.

Recordings only came from our convo’s with you. Didn’t need to record their convos, they put their hatred for him in e-mails, they learned that from you. The YEARS of abuse, mental, emotional, and psychological, from you that Keith had to endure, and he had enough. Your daughter didn’t stand up and fight for what she believed in and against Keith and I. She was brainwashed into believing the shit you spewed in her brain. The same with your son. You ADMITTEDLY kept the kids from Keith, filled their lies with lies and bullshit about him and I, and you alienated the kids from him as well. How SICK.

Your kids don’t CARE that Keith is dead. If they feel anything, maybe it’s GUILT over their last words to him.

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