You Know….

Amanda and her half sister L are so caught up on their hate for ME, that they care not one ounce about their half brother, my son, who is 8. It’s ok though, as he most CERTAINLY doesn’t need that toxicity in his life. I didn’t add Amanda’s oldest brother or her L’s older brother because I haven’t heard from them…yet 😉

Regardless of Amanda’s older brother’s feelings for me, and I really don’t know what they are as he has never told me, but I have to say he has ALWAYS been very cordial to me, always had a pleasant, “Hi Patty, how ya doing,” shake my hand, really nice guy to my face. IF he is one way to my face and another behind my back, then that’s on him, but he has never shown ME one ounce of disrespect at any time. Even in his response to my text message on his birthday (he shares a birthday with my husband) he was kind. I haven’t spoke to him since… shrug. NOT a big deal. I respect him a lot.

Amanda seems to have issues with me that I didn’t know about until last year. What I DO know, is that while she calls me meddling, she has struggled with her relationship with her dad, WELL before I came into the picture. My husband I didn’t interact THAT much with his two oldest kids, and Amanda admitted it had nothing to do with me, even though she wants people to believe it did, but whatever.

Their dad is dead, gone. Amanda wrote her dad off once again, ( I lost count how many times that happened) sometime last year when she was giving him shit about his relationship with L. Amanda’s own relationship with L and N admittedly was not stellar and she really had no place to make bones about my husband’s relationship with them.

I will say this though, Keith loved his kids, but HE decided not to put up with their bullshit and emotional rollercoaster they had him on and the GAMES they played with him.

L started telling her dad sometime in 2003 to stay out of her life, to quit contacting her, no phone calls, no text, NOTHING. It was then she started to refer to him by his first and/ or middle name. The straw that broke the camels back and probably Keith heart was on Oct. 11, 2005 when she told him to FUCK OFF, and told him she hated him and to stay out of her life, that she didn’t need him in her life and she could make it through her life without him.

THEIR CHOICES, THEIR GUILT feelings are where I believe all their animosity is coming from. THEY need to put blame WHERE it lies, and THEY need to accept responsibility for THEIR OWN decisions to try and not have a better relationship with their dad. It truly IS THEIR LOSS, for my two children and I KNOW what a wonderful man their father was, and what a caring father he was.

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