No Nothing Buttinski

I started nothing. I didn’t even believe what Keith told me about you. I kept thinking “SURELY, it can’t be THAT BAD….” Until I saw it for myself.

What is it that you say I knew nothing about? I gave you the benefit of the doubt, until I couldn’t any longer. I saw the lies, from visitation to demanding money, to screwing around with the insurance companies and claims and not billing properly. I saw it all.

I’m just standing up and proving that YOU are the biggest liar I have ever seen. It’s SHOCKING how much you lie. It’s even more shocking that you work with the public and that you were or still are, not sure which, the president of the Kiwanis Club, while trashing my kids. UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE. Truly.

When your daughter responded to me the way she did, it’s all she deserved, especially after telling her dad to fuck off.

Your parenting with Keith was NOT perfect. I read the letters you wrote to him, after you told him to leave. You would write things like, “Sorry we still don’t agree on everything…” or “I know the last letter I wrote you was mean but…” or like I wrote earlier, you said, “We can’t even write to each other without fighting.” Your perception of “Perfect” is VERY much SKEWED.

I wasn’t with Keith when his son was 5, LOL didn’t even know him. You can say anything you want now, now that Keith is dead and can’t speak. It seems in Sept. 1989 was when his son turned 5, and Keith had left in August of 1989, a month before. In all the letters you wrote Keith since he left, you never once mentioned how he never showed up for his son’s 5th birthday. Wonder why that is…. not one mention. Knowing you like I do, I suspect this one goes in that LIES BY J file too.

You want to harp on what Keith didn’t do for his son’s high school graduation in 2002, (no seniority) but you don’t say ONE thing about what YOU didn’t do. When Keith told you he couldn’t get the time off, you never ONCE understood, nor did ever offer to record it and send Keith a copy. You didn’t offer to pay for his airfare to get there, didn’t offer to pay for a rental car, nothing. Not only that, but at one time, YOU told Keith that your then husband would be more than happy to adopt Keith’s kids as his own. Your own daughter once told Keith that your husband was more of a father to her because he was always there. Things planted in your kids minds by you. YOU are the one that said Keith makes you hate him more and more. I’m sure your kids heard that many times considering the things they would say to him.

Not one phone call for years huh? Funny, we have phone bills showing calls to your home phone. SO MANY TIMES, he had to leave a message and didn’t get a return call. Makes me wonder if the kids even HEARD the messages or received them.

What problems did I cause for Keith’s dad, and his oldest son and daughter? You’re so funny, thinking you know everything, LMAO. Funny how you accuse me of butting in, but here you are, just as you have ALWAYS done. Whenever the kids would go back home after visiting their dad, you’d PEPPER them with questions and GRILL them for answers and then send an email to Keith giving him shit over something that did or did not take place here, in our home, 1200 miles away from YOU.

The money you got was to offset the crap I was constantly pulling? Funny, because the money you got was always LESS than what you felt you should have gotten. You always wanted more than $1000. You never got it. The most you got was $800 and part of that was for Child Care you said the kids were going to, and once you got THAT support order, suddenly, the kids didn’t need to go to child care. We ALWAYS provided proof of your shenanigans and lies about visitation, all medical/dental expenses, and messing with visitation and I believe that is why you never got the amount of support you thought you needed.

What did I do when Keith and I and our kids lived “in the trailer on Rosecrans.” This should be good. LOL. Why did we have to move? We didn’t have to move. Keith found a 3 bedroom/2 bath house for us in a city that he wanted our kids to go to school in. Your point? OH there is none. LOL.

YOU know nothing. You just like to THINK you do, because YOU are jealous and spiteful and HATE that Keith was HAPPY…WITHOUT YOU.

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