Thank God for Our Union Reps

1) Hi Patricia,

I read your letter and it is right on point! I am so glad you are sending it to the Board! 

In solidarity,


2) Thank you Patricia! Your letter is so well written and powerful! Thank you for your support.


3) Thank you! It really is going to help me write my letter. Yes, please share it with P*****, D* G*****and anyone else you feel relevant.


4) I agree with M******, your tone is professional and powerful. You can send it to whoever you think needs to see it, your choice


5) well written!


These are some comments I received from my Union Rep., our Union Sec., and a friend.

I wrote a letter to the Upper Echelon of the place I work for, because of an insensitive comment that was made by a lead negotiator for the Business. Crass is quite an appropriate word, and yes, I used it in my letter.

Their comments brought tears to my eyes because I KNEW what I wanted to say and how I needed for my letter to sound, and their responses meant more than they could ever imagine.

The request I made in my letter May not pan out, but at least the Board knows how I and I HOPE my fellow Chapter Sister and Brothers feel.

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