Sarah- 2001-8 yrs old-3rd grade

(email sent to stepdaughter and her grandmother at 3:16pm)

Hi L and A,

L, I hope your foot is feeling better today! Dad told me what happened.

Sarah forgot to wear her shin guards at soccer practice one night and got kicked in the shin. It’s made her a little gun shy now, but she does good still. She had a game this morning, and lost. it’s her teams 2nd loss. This past Thursday at practice, us parents had to play the kids and we TIED -! LOL! It was real fun! Thomas got a great kick in as well! Being out in the cold and damp air though did NOT help the cold I am trying to fight off though. I was wiped out Friday!

I am going to be signing Thomas up for T-ball I think, real soon. I got a paper a bout it from Sarah’s school, for baseball and softball. I think it will be good for him to play.

How are you, A? hope all is well with you and yours.

We are going to my sisters for Thanksgiving…geez, I can’t believe another year is almost over!

Anyway, here is my little “Pocohontas!” thats who she reminds me of in this picture. bye for now…

P~ talk to you soon!”

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