This time of year is always difficult for me. Today, I’m thinking of my Dad. It was this day, 2011 that he passed away. He was 83 years old. We had a rocky relationship from the time I was 18, until about a year before he passed away.

on 11/26/2006, my close friend, Brandy passed away. This one really stunned me. She was approx 29 when she passed away. Sane age as my Mom, when my mom passed away in 1968, ANYWAY, Brandy had one daughter. I met them both when she enrolled her daughter in the private school I was working at, and they became part of my life. Her daughter now has a daughter of her own, and they both remind me of “Brandy and Niah.”

Then on 11/29/2005, my LOVE, my husband died suddenly and unexpectedly. His birthday is next month, the 21st, so close to Christmas, which was his favorite time of the year.

I could easily hate this month, but I won’t. It’s not all bad, it’s just difficult and I don’t look forward to this time of the month.

I do hope everyone had a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.


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