While at Kai’s appt,I met this cutest 3 year old little man 🥰 he was soooo adorable and was asking everyone’s name, and I asked, “what’s yours?” He spelled, “D-w-a-y-n-e.” OMG, he was sooo cute. We played tic tac toe, we traced each other’s hands, he took my “order” of water, banana, apple, no grapes or strawberries, and he drew me these 3 pics while his dad was taking care of business at the desk. This is in my book that I just bought last night, LOL…. He told me to write his name on the paper he already had, so I wrote “Hi Dwayne from Patricia” 😁👍🏻 he was just so cute, sweet and respectful. He accidentally hit Kai’s knee with his dads keys when he ran back in the office, and turned and said, “Sorry!”
🥰 these pics are of his different Volcanos 😁♥️

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