Today, THIS Day

58 years ago, At 5:19pm, I exited my beautiful mother as my host, and entered the world at 5:19 pm at 5 lbs 12 oz. My mother was 26 years old. I was her last baby. She loved me ALL the days of her life, and ALL the rest of my days thus far.

Thank you Mom, for bringing me in into this world, for loving me, caring for me for my first 4 years, and for watching over me as my Guardian Angel all of these days since.

I have always felt I’ve had a some of your Spirit inside me, it’s guided me my WHOLE life, including helping me raise my own kids, and I hope I’ve made you proud. I’ve never had it easy in life, but I always persevered and I’ve always had you by my side. THIS I believe.

Thank you ♥️

Happy Birthday Day to ME 🥳🎉🎊🎂🥳

Newborn Me-March 1964
Mommy and Me-1964

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