Spirits Communicating With Us

WOW, so yesterday, I was at the dentist office with Thomas. I just started reading this book, this chapter. The office manager was talking to a patient on the phone. She confirms the patients due date of 12/21. 12/21 was Keith’s birthday. This tells me that he is here with us, for Thomas. The come to find out, the office manager is due 12/31 which is Keith’s ex’s birthday 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 #cantescapeher

Then, after a little while, we’ll, 2 hours prior to me seeing it, this video popped up on my Facebook. I believe in all things paranormal, speaking to Spirits, Spirits trying to communicate with us. This was probably the validation I needed, not that I really needed any anyway. 😊

Matt Fraser 10/10/22


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