Dept of Labor

They have screwed my fiancé like crazy! He’s lost income and he’s lost his health insurance. It is such a MESS, his Workers Comp providers are going to do what they have to do, they are NOT happy with DOL at all. No one is. DOL kept telling him for MONTHS he would be receiving a check, and he never did, and he was told that he would receive a letter, and he never did. MY GOD, to be lied to and have your livelihood messed with like they have done with him, is absolutely stressful, uncalled for, unprofessional, almost life threatening. I am very angry at them for that.

THANKFULLY, my fiancé’s Medicare kicked in today, and he found that out when he was in the ER. He had to get a test done to get a refill on his rx.

HOPEFULLY that small, yet major step forward is a good sign, because it’s been a rough time lately.

Hope you are all having a great new year thus far!


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