Missed Flight

SO, the kids were supposed to leave today at 517 pm departure time. Keith, Chris and kids left for the airport at 3:45 pm. Plenty of time, normally. They arrived at the airport at 4:47pm At 5:05, they got stuck at the metal detector, due to a sock load of pennies that Keith gave them. The girl at the counter at the terminal called inside the plane to see if their seats were available and she was told that because the kids weren’t there 10 minutes before departure, the seats were given away. The thing is, the kids WERE there.

At 5:20 pm, I told Chris to called their grandma at home and let her know the kids missed the plane and Keith would call her when he got home. At 5:30 pm, Chris said he called and let the phone ring 20x’s and no one answered.

Everyone got back home at 6:30 pm. Keith called Sacramento Airport to have their grandmother paged. N told his grandma what happened. She also talked to Keith, and asked, again, what happened, and Keith told her the same thing. She wanted to know why they didn’t make other arrangements while they were at the airport and Keith told her his main concern was getting in touch with her. He said he would call her later in the evening or tomorrow with new information.

L called her mother at 6:45 pm and left a message. Her mother called back at 7 pm and spoke to N. He told her what happened. She spoke to Keith and he told her what happened again. (Like mother like daughter!) She told Keith their son didn’t tell her what happened. He actually did, we were all right there and heard him, LOL. She then spoke to L.

At 7:45 pm, J called back and left a message. She said “It’s um, 8, 7:45 on Sunday, July 23rd,um, I called the airlines and I have the time I’m going to make a reservation for a certain time, so you need to give me a call back or you may call United right now, ’cause they are going to be booking up- filling up- they have several different times tomorrow from 7 in the morning and 7 at night. Thank you.”

9:27pm, called United, according to REP, no flight arrangements had been made yet.

10-1015pm- A called. (kids grandma). Asked if Keith had made arrangements yet, I told her no, that Keith will call tomorrow. There was an emergency with our landlord, and that was more important. She said, “Well, ok, bye.”

1045pm- made arrangements for tomorrow, same flight #, same time as today.

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