July 24, 1995

The Ex always tried to play innocent. We knew better. She had called at 6:00 am looking for Keith. He was already gone. All she wanted to know was flight information for the since they missed their flight the day before. I had told her it was 6 am. I had been asleep, and told her I would call her back, I hung up.

She called back and left a voicemail at 630am. When I called her back at 633am, I told her the information was the same as it was for the 23rd and hung up.

She called back at 635am but hung up when the answering machine came on, and when I called her back at 636 am, the conversation did not go well.

She told me that before me, things between her and Keith were just fine. (That’s not what I heard.) she told me this didn’t involve me. I told her it did because at that present time, I was also taking care of her kids while their dad was at work, and that she got me involved when she didn’t listen to her own husband when he told her NOT to talk to me.

Keith used to tell me how she was, but I just couldn’t believe someone could be so mean. I should have listened to him.

During this current conversation with her, she “reminded” me that I have a child without a father. I corrected her and told her my child does have a father who lives in Buena Park and I would be more than happy to give her his address if she wanted. She said no.

She asked to speak to Keith again, and I reminded her that I had already told her he want home. I told her I would be saying the same things to her had he been home and she said, “that’s right, because you have balls!” I said, “ You’re right, I do.”

She again accused Keith of being in violation of the court order, never specifying how, and said, “ so let him take me back to court!” I told her all she cared about was getting money from him, not about who was taking care of her kids and she said, “uh huh.” She said she was going to call Keith at work and hung up. I called her local Sheriff station to report her harassing phone calls to our home and her threat to call Keith and harass him at work.

The kids left this day. WOW….

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