His son went to the doctor’s at his mothers request, while he was here. Later in the evening, Keith and his son had it out, and then his daughter got involved, then I got involved. The kids were accusing me of being the cause of their mom’s problem, the cause of her divorce from her second husband, etc. I told them that they were just parroting what their mother has told them and they said no. They said they didn’t want to be here with their dad and me and Sarah and Thomas. They just wanted their dad. They wanted to leave and were packing their bags so we called their Grandma in San Diego, but she wasn’t home. I called their mother and told her that she needed to come down and get her kids or make arrangements to have them picked up. She became belligerent, so I handed the phone to her son. She talked to both kids and then to Keith “They (the kids) have every right to say that Sarah is NOT their sister!” and he ended up hanging up on her. She called back and talked to the kids again. She had her daughter pass on a message to us. Her daughter said, while her mother was on the phone, “If my mom has to come down here, you’ll be VERY, VERY sorry!” After they hung up, the kids continued packing their stuff, saying they didn’t want to stay.

Nobody went anywhere, except to bed.

It all started because (SS) told Sarah that he is NOT her brother. She’s 7 and doesn’t quite grasp the step sibling thing. She doesn’t realize that he isn’t her real brother, like Thomas. She knows that Keith is their dad, so (SS) is her brother. She understands that they have different mothers. (SS) also has had a VERY bad attitude and Keith was tired of it. He also could have had a reaction to pain medicine the doc had given him earlier in the day.

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