Change of Plans

We called AMTRAK and made reservations for the kids to go to their grandmothers in San Diego. They had made up their minds last night, packed their stuff, and said they didn’t want to stay with us any longer. Keith told them about 10 am to make sure they had all their stuff packed because we were leaving at 1pm. They asked where we were going and he told them to the train station, they were going to their grandmothers.

Both kids told him they didn’t want to go, and they were sorry for what happened yesterday. (SS) said he knew that it wasn’t right for that he told Sarah what he did. Then they came to my room to apologize to me. I told them their apology was accepted and that they had NO IDEA what their dad had to go through just to be able to see them and how excited he is just before they get here and how depressed he is when they leave.

Around noon, their mother called. Keith answered. He gave the phone to his daughter first. Apparently the ex asked to speak to Keith, who ended up hanging up on her AGAIN. She threatened with court again. He told her he got the argument straightened out with the kids and he doesn’t need to talk to her about anything. She said,

J- Oh, we’ll out that down in court papers!

K-Oh, put it all on there, J, and bring it on! I’m looking forward to it, believe me, you ought to think twice!

J- After last night you’re gonna lose, BUD…

K- you ought to think twice about it- oh don’t give me that BUD stuff.

J- after last night…

K- hung up.

She immediately called back, Keith answered and she asked to speak to their son.

Keith had told me what kind of medicine his son had been given yesterday, before a procedure, to relax him. Makes sense now.

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