Chat with L

Had a chat with L on Messenger at 9:09 am today. Asked her if she knew that the Talkabout she wanted was also a pager and that she can send and receive emails. She said ok then asked if it will work in her city and told me that if it doesn’t, there would be no point in having it. I told her no, but she was given a toll free number and it would hold her messages for 96 hours (4 days) or until she got into a covered service area. I told her she can use it while she’s in San Diego, there was partial coverage there and she can use it while she’s here in LA. She confirmed she would have to go out of her city, to like a Seattle to check the email.

I asked her if she thought it was like a walkie talkie, or something like that, or did she know it was a pager/email. She said she knew it was like a pager/email but that she would be able to use it in her town, and that if she can’t, and that she would have to go out of her town every 4 days to get her messages, then there would be no point, but when she comes down here, she could probably use it. I told her the areas in WA that are covered areas, and a couple places in Idaho and of course here in LA when she moves back to Cali.

I also let her know that there is a lot of stuff she can use with it, even a voice mail and the rep gave me the instructions to set up her voicemail. She confirmed that she can activate it when she is here, but when she is in her town, she could shut it off. I told her that we have it activated for her now, and that her dad was going to pay the monthly bill every month. Told her we had to activate here because she is a minor, and that her dad will pay the activation bill every month as well. She thought she could deactivate it every month, but I told her it would require getting a new number and go through all that rigamaroll again.

She asked about IM’s. I told her no, just email back and forth. I explained to her what constitutes a message (100 chars/140 chars is 2 messages) and that she is allowed 1000 messages a month. She said “ok, thank you.”

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