Subject: AJR/”Operation Party Line”

That’s the subject line in Keith’s response to his ex. AJR is my daughter’s bio dad/sperm donor.

At 12:35 the ex writes, ” Be careful of what you ask for you just might get it.”

(sounds like a threat.) She continues, “I have nothing to hide if you want to know the truth you should have asked me along time ago, not your drug buddy C.G. (initials used). You have led a less than perfect life and your religion should have taught you to forgive. You have done some bad things and if you want to continue hassling me I see no reason why we should not dig up your past as well.”

In this email to the ex at 7:04pm, Keith writes, “(ex wifes name), My wife has never spoken to you on the phone about her ex. She very rarely if ever talks to you at all. This email and the other one you sent, will also be forwarded to her ex and just so you know, so will the rest of the emails you write and discuss him, disparage him, slander him and continue the libelous road you are on, and eventually, all the recorded conversations we have that took place between you and her will also be sent to him or his attorney if he retains one, for further proof, that she has never spoke to you about him.

You seem to think that you can say anything you want about ANYONE you want and get away with it. Well, like I said, you have stepped over the line by dragging someone into your web of lies, that has NOTHING, NOT ONE THING to do with (son) or (daughter). The difference between her ex and Solis, is just that, while her ex has not been in the picture in nearly 9 years, Solis has been and that is even per your e-mail.

It is now up to “the father of sara” to decide what HE wants to do, and how HE wants to handle it. Whether he contacts me or my wife at all about his plans is unknown at this point but I will continue to allow her to print these emails and send them to him. Keith”

At 7:07pm Keith wrote his ex another email telling her, “All my information came from making trips to San Diego Courts, court papers and talking to people on the phone. don’t know where C. is, haven’t known for many years now.”

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