Re: AJR/”Operation Party Line”

Ex wrote back this afternoon at 4:28pm and said, “Pat cried to me on the phone about 5 years ago telling me about him. How else would I know that he was in jail for selling drugs. Who cares who I am friends with or who I know.”

She also said, “Go ahead and tell whom ever and send whomever whatever emails you think are appropriate. You will always and continue to make yourself look stupid with your antics. I am sure any man, woman or child who has spent time with your wife knows her well enough to know her knows what she does and how she does it.”

What do I do and how do I do it, pray tell, Lady…. LOL HOLY MOSES….

At 4:31pm she whips off another email to Keith telling him, “Why would you waste your time on this? You and your wife need a hobby besides finding out about me. Do you want to know what brand tampon I use too. How about how often I use the bathroom. Your methods of searching out information on me and my friends is of no use in court or for that matter any other place. I guess it is time for me to do searching on my own. I don’t really have the time so I will look into hiring a private detective to look into you and your friends….Yes you have seen C he was at your house several times since 1995.”

Well, C has not been at our house for about 3 years. LOL nice try though.

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