History Lesson

OH this lady….ANYTHING to put me in a bad light. She lies about EVERYTHING. Here is my response at 4:31pm, to her after her phone call to Keith.

“Hi J-

You have obviously misunderstood what I told you about my daughters father. I checked the recorded phone conversations back from 5 year ago.

You said to Keith the other day, that about 5 years, I “cried” to you about my daughters father. First of all, that’s wrong. Cry? PLEASE…My daughters father was mentioned during a normal conversation we, you and I, were having about the birth of mine and Keith’s son (since I just got out of the hospital), visitation arrangements for N and L for summer that year, and who our son, your son and my daughter look like.

You also asked Keith how else would you know that my daughters father was in jail for selling drugs. NOT from me, I assure you. During our conversation on May 28th, 1997, I told you that my daughter looked exactly like her dad and half brother. I told you that she doesn’t even know them, and you made a comment about her not seeing them ever. I told you she didn’t, that he was an “ass” and that “Criminal charges were filed against him,” and this is where you obviously have misunderstood what I said, even though at the time, you “sounded” like you understood. Yes, I did say he was a “druggie” and I told you that I “didn’t need that” and you said, “but he is still her dad.” Our conversation, like I said, was on May 28, 1997.

On May 30, 1997, the criminal prosecution against him was set for Sept.23, 1997. The People of the State of CA vs My daughters Father. It was for FAILURE TO PAY Child Support. The case was continued for arraignment and/or sentencing to October, 30, 1997. AT THAT time, he was placed on diversion, he had to pay a restitution fee, he had to pay the remaining arrearages and current support, and he was to apply to have his drivers license released, since it had been revoked for failure to pay, and he had to appear in court on 10-14-98 for a progress report. According to THOSE court papers of 10-14-98, the criminal action was dismissed, terminated or completed, because he had COMPLIED.

So for as much as you would like to accuse me of saying that I told you my ex had “dealt drugs out of the country and was arrested and thrown in jail for drug charges and child abuse,” it is just not true. I don’t know anything more about him or his life, than the last time I saw him in June of 1994, during a visitation day with our daughter, and then again in Feb or so of 1998 at court, where we sat together and laughed together and guess what? Keith was there too!

Another thing that is really out in left field is your comments how you do not want YOUR kids subjected to MY “previous life.” This is one of the MOST ridiculous things I have ever heard you say. Incredible that you would think my daughters father was any kind of THREAT to “your” kids, when he has no contact whatsoever with our daughter since she was 10 months old. She will be 9 this year.

I don’t know why you brought my daughters father up to begin with anyway. He has no bearing whatsoever on N and E, although I can’t say the same for your buddy D. S., who HAS been thrown in jail for drug trafficking (and charged) and HAS stayed in your home and HAS been around your kids.

I also remember a conversation you had with Keith where you told him to not be surprised if N “smokes pot” and how your own niece has been in juvenile hall for shoplifting. I remember hearing him tell you that if he ever caught or found out your niece was giving N and E any kind of drugs or anything, he would be calling the cops. I remember you telling him that he had no right to do that.

Before you start throwing accusations around about people you know NOTHING about, (my daughter’s father and his life) maybe you should look in your own back yard. Very rarely do I e-mail you or talk to you about anything, but I am sick of this particular thing that is going on where you bring up my daughters father when he has nothing to do with anything.

Hopefully this will be the end of your talk of my daughters father (and of myself and of my kids, thank you very much…hey, I can dream can’t I?) in your conversations with Keith.

This email is being sent to my daughters father.


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