HER response Back to Me

She writes:

” If you had not instigated this episode plus the many others then maybe the relationship between (son and daughter) and their dad would not be so strained. You know as well as the kids also that you are the one sending the e-mails and even talking on MSN.

You must thing we are all stupid pawns in game of Richard’s life. The truth be said that you started all the situations that have come up since you arrival in his life. My life and my friends are none of your business and none of Dicks business either.

If he thought I was bad parent or put our children in a bad situation, then it is up to the man with no spine to do something about it.

If he had a spine you would not be the one starting each hassle. You are a nothing of a person and have a miserable life. Therefore you feel the need to hassle me. By doing so you have created such bad feelings between Dick and his children.

It is none of your business about me or my ids. The only reason you know anything is because he was stupid enough to let you.

You can’t repair 9 years of your bullshit and pettiness. But I can.

I will hire a detective to investigate you and your life because I believe you are an endangerment to my children. When and if Dick and I go to court again, I will get a restraining order to keep you away from my kids and me.

Your actions and dwelling in to my personal life will support a restraining order.

If you think you are funny by upsetting my then you never about my children. You are so jealous and self centered and you have no life and that is why you are so interested in mine.

Why don’t you get your fat ass off the couch and out of the drive up lane of every fast food restaurant in town and get a real job. Why don’t you help support your family or are you too good to work.

The truth is you can’t get a job because of this attitude you have about people.

You are not going to upset me any longer, because you have done so much damage that you ruined whatever relationship the kids had with their dad. You waste so much of your time researching, keeping and looking for hassles. You must have wasted a lot of time researching my friends and for what purpose. You continue to waste your time on things that don’t matter and cause even more problems.

I will be sure to piss on your grave and make sure it says that you wasted your life being a bitch and getting into peoples business, not to much ruining dicks relationship with his entire family.

Go ahead you keep this e-mail you can’t use it any court case because it has nothing to do with my kids. It has to do with you being a female dog bitch and being so consumed with jealousy you have created a life out of being in mine.

By the way I go to the bathroom at least 6-7 times a day, My kids love me and respect me too bad you will never get that not even from your own children.

If you so much as e-mail me one more time as a pretense of being dick or even e-mail personally, you will find a lawsuit on your hands. I am sick you and everything you are involved in.

Your previous lover is out of the picture but you continue to e-mail. You are such a liar and you like this crap.

Well I don’t have any time for you and your stupid doings.

You are mean, vicious, vindictive, jealous and just plain ugly. what kind of person does this to people.

Don’t bother answering I won’t read it. You are a loser with no life. So stay out of mine.”

At 10:05am I responded to this psychotic spewage: “WHY wait? TOODLES, P-“

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