“Are You Ok?”

This was the subject matter of emails. This one she wrote to Keith today, March 20th, at 0714, she asked “Are you dumb, Don’t you get the point?” She talks more crap to him, then without missing a beat she says, “you let your wife create a mess and then ask why the kids treat you the way they do. You let your wife interfere in my personal life and yet are not smart to realize that this is all wrong. Well you just go on believing that everything is right in the world for you . And the rest of us will move knowing the truth you have made sure we all know how you and your wife feel about us….If you are slow to learn then you need to understand there is not much time left to rebuild what you and your wife have destroyed.”


Keith wrote her back at 0917 stating, “(her name), No I am not dumb at all. I will talk to the kids. I was talking to (daughter) last night when you told her it was dinner and she had to eat “right now.” OF COURSE you knew she was talking to me. I was going to ask to talk to (son) when (daughter) hurriedly had to get off the phone.

My wife has nothing to do with anything. She didn’t create anything. YOU are the one that talks to the kids about me and her. YOU are the one that tells the kids its ALL mine or my wife’s fault and it’s YOU that causes conflict. It is YOU that blames your divorce on me and my wife and you even told the kids that!” He went on to tell her that he “can prove how you talk bad about me (and my wife) to the kids. Basically everything you say you haven’t done I can prove you have. You have gotten progressively worse since July of 1995 when you called the cops tried to have me arrested for kidnapping, only for it to blow up in your face. You seem to think that because you “weathered” your Grand Jury experience, you are above the law…I guess time will tell.

My wife has not interfered in your personal life at all… Your personal life was made known when YOU told us and blamed us for your divorce, so she has not interfered in your personal life at all, YOU are the one that made it public. I did read the letter you sent my wife. You said she couldn’t use the letter in court because it doesn’t concern the kids…think again.

You have NO IDEA how my wife feels about (son) and (daughter), but at LEAST be truthful, because we ALL know, including (son) and (daughter) how YOU feel about me and her, because YOU have made sure THE KIDS know how YOU feel about me and her. That was even more clear after a conversation I had with (daughter).

I do pay for my kids. I pay child support. Everything over and above that, is extra’s that if I am lucky enough to KNOW about and if I have the money, I will contribute. I don’t hassle you about anything. YOU on the other hand, are QUEEN of hassling me for EVERYTHING. You have taught the kids to tell me that Nothing is new, nothing is any of my business, and nothing concerns me, where THEY, the kids are concerned. You have apparently taught them that for YEARS and YEARS, because they have it perfected. How can I contribute when I don’t know about it? The only thing I ask is that THE KIDS ask me for help, and they don’t. YOU obviously have to control THAT too. Yep, I haven’t paid anything on (Son’s) car, because for 1, I wasn’t consulted about, for 2, it wouldn’t of mattered what I thought anyway, for 3 (son) didn’t and doesn’t have a job. You even have control over the car. Per your email, you say what, where, when, why and for how long. Never say never….I at least have faith that one day, I will be able to have a heart to heart talk with the kids, when they are out on their own and don’t have to report back to you about what I say to them, and even if they did, they will adults and there would be nothing you can do about it. I have a good life, thanks for your concern.”

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