Kids Don’t Run Things

So, we KNOW we listen to what kids have to say, but they Don’t run things. They don’t get their way because they’re kids.

On June 13, 2002, Keith and his daughter were emailing back and forth about summer visitation. It was between him and his daughter. Her mother’s e-mail wasn’t listed on the emails, but guess who responded as well, this morning?

In this email response from the ex tonight, she writes, “Wow, you are really a great dad, with your attitude. Guess who she sounds like, you did this and now you will suffer. I agree with (daughter) and you are being ridiculous about this and letting your wife push your kids out of your life. Too bad you can’t see past fat’s grip on you.” That’s her term of endearment for me, LOL.

Keith responded back 2223 with “HA HA! Aren’t you one to talk about attitude! HA HA! If you only KNEW…boy, if you ONLY knew…” (I don’t even know what that means, LOL)

She emailed at 2323 and at one part, Keith had asked how his son was, and she pops off with, “Why don’t you ask him. No gift, no card nothing not even a phone call for graduation. WOW fat really is jealous, so much so you can’t even use the phone, she must eat holding on to you so you don’t make any move without her. This is TOOOOOO controlling for me.” WTF? Keith has often wondered why he can’t their kids on THEIR cell phones, instead of having to deal with their mother when he called on their home phone.

She emailed again at 2336 writing, “If I only knew you are not the person who is writing the e-mails and in fact dick knows nothing except what you feed him”


In another response from her from an email regarding Graduation pictures, the mix-up and her trying to put the blame on Keith for it, she wrote at 2339, “you truly are a freak and you married a fat one.”

Keith asked her in a 2355 response, “and do besides your ever friendly name calling of me and my wife, what else is your problem? you can’t control me? you no longer have control over this picture situation?”

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