First Game

(sent email to my stepdaughter, my sister and friends at 2:15pm)” I wrote:

“We had Sarah’s first softball game this morning. She is playing for City of Bellflower. It has been a crazy season. Her team only had maybe 4 practices before today. The two original coaches up and quit right, so they scrambled to get some coaches together. Keith said he can help when he is available.

She is on the Reds! They played the Yankees and lost 17-11.

The coaches were able to throw 3 pitches per batter, and that was it. The innings went 3 outs or all the way through the line up, which I don’t think was too fair as they had a 2-3 player advantage, but oh well…To stop a play, they had to either make the play or throw the ball to the pitcher in the pitcher’s circle.

Sarah fouled out the first time up, got a TRIPLE the second time up (boy, she smacked that ball too!) and struck out the last time up.

She said she had fun playing! It was pretty exciting! If I don’t get larygitis tomorrow, I will be surprised! LOL!

That’s about it for the softball game. Gotta go, as her and Thomas are waiting to go out and ride their scooters! (it’s sooo hot!)

Take care, stay cool!


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