My Response to Coleen’s Letter

Dated January 30, 2003, I wrote:

“Anthony and Coleen,

Here is the information Anthony, that you need for the Audit at your job site.

I hope this information gets to you in enough time for the audit. I noticed that between the dates of the Memorandum and the postmark on the envelope is a lapse of 14 days.

If there are any changes or problems, PLEASE let me know, ASAP!

Thank you and God Bless…


I also sent a letter to Anthony’s Risk Management Dept at his job:

” To Whom It May Concern:

Enclosed are copies of the information required for your audit, a copy of our daughter’s birth certificate, as well as copies of Custody papers, and the Court order to carry health insurance. I thought I would cover all angles simply because of the time frame. I only know that this audit will take place sometime “next week,” so I can only hope this gets to you in time. I noticed the date on the memorandum is dated Jan. 15, 2003. Mrs. R (Ant’s wife) wrote her request on Jan. 24th, but didn’t mail it until Jan. 29th, and I got it today. 15 days is a longtime span when it comes to important information like this.

Should you have any further questions or need any further information, please do not hesitate to call me, Thank you. Patricia (full legal name) “

Mailed both letters today, Jan. 31, 2003

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