(Sent to Stepkids, my sisters and our dad at 8:04pm)


I hope this finds you all good!

Ok, so, I took Thomas to the doctors this morning…in Whittier. What a travel! We BARELY got there on time, and then we were there for awhile and got home just in time to get him ready for school and leave again.

Anyway…His stool test results were back. No parasites thank goodness, but there is some blood, though not a lot. She was not sure exactly where it is coming from, so I will be calling the GI doctor tomorrow, since we haven’t heard from them yet from the referral she sent. She said that it may be that because he goes so much, he may have little tears.

She said definitely no more MOM/MO combo, which he stopped awhile ago, anyway, and she said no more milk or cheese until further notice. Cutting that you now for these last two weeks has seemed to help too, but poor guy hasn’t been happy camper about that.

SO, we need to searxh for some milk free products, soy milk, etc… and he has to eat a salad every single night, so I need to find some milk free Ranch dressing…YUM… :-/

Other than that, he is healthy. He did lose 1 1/2 pounds though. 2 weeks ago, he was 50 1/2 pounds. today he was 49, so we are going to watch that too.

I will keep you updated on this when we take him to the GI doctor. Keep him in your prayers…Thanks! P~”

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