Access to Information

SOS different day, or night.

The ex e-mailed Keith at 1928. Funny how that works. She e-mailed him at his two email addresses.

She’s demanding and accusing him again of more insurance stuff that he already dealt with.

Of course she throws in there, “Due to privacy laws in place I am not and will not call to request a card for (daughter) you have to.” what BS. She has called and requested cards before. In fact, we were told at one point that she requested to have her daughters stuff mailed to her, and NOT to Keith, who is the Insured. She wanted to bypass Keith. So she CAN call to request things, they just won’t be delivered to HER like she wanted.

She also added, I have alerted all our medical, dental and vision as well as pharmacy that I will file a complaint against them for allowing other persons than (daughter’s) parents access to her information or allowing them to even call and inquire or give information. The only persons allowed to gain information according to the new privacy laws are (daughter’s) parent’s. Not step- parents.”

LMAO, I can call our insurance and inquire the status of something, and if I have questions regarding an EOB, I can call our insurance about that too.

The thing is, the ex causes issues with the insurance when she pays for things upfront and then waits to bill or bills incorrectly, and then claims get AFU, and I happen to find this stuff out and work claims until they are processed correctly. She HATES THAT. Oh well…I’m not changing the way I deal with claims.

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