Sarah and Thomas

(sent this email at 1:49pm to stepkids and other family members)

“I forgot who I told what and when, so forgive me if you heard it before. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yesterday when I got back to work in the afternoon, I was told that one of the students in Sarah’s class, at lunch time, had thrown a rock (out of anger, but not aiming for Sarah) and it hit her in the head. I was told that the student was suspended for one day, today.

It was bad enough that no one called me to tell me anything, even though Sarah’s friend asked the Principal to call me, the Principal said to just wait and see how she is doing after awhile. GRRR! I was then told that right after it happened, 3 of the kids went to tell their teacher and their teacher said, “Well, I didn’t see it happen” and was planning on doing NOTHING until Sarah proved by showing that she has been hit with the rock and that she was in fact hurt and crying because of the incident! THANK GOD the skin was not broken, but there was definite signs that she had been hit by a rock.

She seemed quiet when I was there yesterday, and last night, she was complaining of a headache, so I have her an ice pak for it and she fell asleep. She got up ok today, then as I was saying goodbye to her, she started complaining that her head was hurting again, so I asked the Principal if she had any children’s motrin. Of course, there wasn’t any, so I told Sarah I would be in touch with her in awhile. My concern was that she jerked her head back from the hit, she pulled a muscle in her neck.

I came home and called her doctor and got her in to be seen. The doc said just keep putting cold paks on a couple of times a day and something for pain and rest. She said that Sarah can rest and relax today and she can go back to school tomorrow. She did say that it could take awhile for the pain to totally go away and that the boy that threw the rock owes her a written apology, and some anger management. She also said that it is normal to have neck pain with an injury like this, but Sarah seems to be moving her head well.

Sarah will be at my neighbors house when I leave to go back to work today. She doesn’t want to go back today. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ (My neighbor has already asked her if the rock broke, LOL I had to laugh at that one! Sarah even chuckled! LOL)

I had a meeting with Thomas’s teacher on Monday. She said that she has no plans to hold him back, which makes us happy. She did say though that if he does get held back, it will be in 1st grade. She said she is going to mandatory him to go to summer school, and we think that’s a great idea.

Last night at a reading meeting, we met (indirectly) 3 1st grade teachers. We are not sure how the principal chooses which students she puts with what teachers, but I think I will be talking to the Principal to see who will be the best for him. Keith and I both have different teachers in mind, so if it happens to be either one, that’s fine:-) Thankfully he will still be going to speech therapy come fall. On April 2nd, he is getting an award during their assembly, for MOST IMPROVEMENT! THIS is a secret! ๐Ÿ™‚ I got the letter yesterday from the principal, but his teacher told me the other day. We are so excited and proud!

Thomas has an appointment with the GI doctor on Monday the 31st. Since taking him off Milk, he has been doing MUCH better. Then he has 2 appointments on April 11th, one with the audiologist and right after with his ENT doctor to see if he is going to need tubes again, hopefully he won’t need them, but it is possible.

Well, I think this is about all that is new, or old ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope all is well with everyone, and until next time, Take care!! P~”

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