2003 Benefits info: Medical, Dental, Vision, Chiropractor

(email sent to Keith, stepkids, and CC’d the ex)

“for some reason, I can’t print a legible copy of the chiropractor benefit.

Here it is for the time being.

I am also sending the rest of what we have, until the post office opens again on Tuesday, including Kaiser exclusion.


(at 7:02pm, this email was sent to stepson only)

” N,

here is a copy of what I sent your dad, mom and L.

I know you can’t receive attachments, that’s why I didn’t this to you originally.

I sent your mom and L nfor Kaiser exclusions, Chiropractor benefits, Benefits at a glance, vision and dental (a copy of the dental card).

I will get this all in the mail to you on Tuesday.



(email to stepkids, and Keith, cc’d to the ex at 4:03pm.)


Ok, here is the latest. Just today, we got the Kaiser information so I will make a copy of the medial at a glance again, the vision benefits page and the chiropractic information.

L, I will be sending your Kaiser card.

We are showing in the system for Dental, but we are not eligible until March 1st, 2003.

The group number is 9***-****. The toll free number is 8**-***-****.

This is a PPO plan, so you can go to any dentist.

I will make a copy of whatever we have on the dental too.

Patricia “


(Sent email to stepkids at 2:22pm, 2/04/03)

“Hello, Well I kept Thomas home from school. and had to make a doctors appointment this morning for him. He had been running a temp for the last couple days, and has been real cranky and moody (sounds like a HUNGRY (last name)! LOL) too. I went to give him some motrin last night and I could feel the heat radiating from him.

He lost 2 pounds, and is back down to 50.

Diagnosis is hi allergies are acting up, (he did have a dark spot under his eye yesterday) and he has infections in both ears again. Thankfully his lungs sound clear even tho he is congested, so it isn’t his asthma.

He has to take some amoxycillin for the infection, some hydroxyzine for the congestion and some children’s sudafed for his allergies.

Poor little man, I am going to take him for a physical soon so they can do some blood work on him and perform other tests, but it won’t be until after he finishes his meds.

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate winter and spring because HE is the one that gets hit the worst…ugh. This dang Cali weather doesn’t help either.

We are good here other than that. Hope all is well with you! Lots of love, P~”

Any Issues?

SO I took my son to the doctors today and there were no issues. I found out that if any Rx is more than $10 we pay only $10, and if it is less than $10, we pay the price it rings up. I explained this to my stepson in an email I sent him today, when I asked him if he had gone to the doctors yet and if he had experienced any problems. I also let him know how his little brother was doing, and why he had to go to the doctors.

I still haven’t heard from my stepson. No acknowledgment.


(email to stepson at 12:56pm)

“hi N,

did you go to the doctors today? and did you have any trouble? I was just wondering because I had to take Thomas today and there was no problem.

What I did find odd was that if we get a perscription , (not sure if that is how you spell it, but I’m sure you know what I mean;-) ) and it is more than $10.00, we only pay $10.00 (of course) but it if is less than $10.00, we pay the actual price. I don’t think we have ever done that before. I was just surprised by it. Well, that is the experience I had today, and just wanted to pass it on. Also, generic perscriptions are $10.00 or less a piece and Name brand perscriptions are $25.00, ouch!

Thomas has an ear infection in both his ears 😦

He is also congested and his allergies are going nuts. I was given 2 perscriptions for him, plus had to get him some children’s sudafed, plus some chewable vitamins.

I just wanted to see if you had any problems today, if you went.



Same Year, New Month

Poor lady, driving herself crazy trying to figure out if Keith is writing his emails. Of COURSE he writes his emails. I write emails from my email address, and either one of us will write emails from the OUR account. That’s how it works. Unfortunately, she has made herself and therefore her kids believe that I write EVERYTHING. Bless her heart. Remember though, she KNOWS he can write because WAY back in the early days, after he left her in the late 80’s, she wrote him and said that they can’t even write each other without arguing, or was it fighting? I’m not sure but I know for sure it was one of those words. ANYWAY…

SO TODAY, this morning at 1140am, she emailed Keith with the subject line, “Not you,” She said, “Richard, ” and went on to say that because she cannot “verify that I am actually talking to or dealing with only you, I will no longer accept e-mails or written correspondence from you. Should you need to speak to me regarding, legal, medical or any other matters concerning (daughter-first and last name) please do so by telephone. I will not accept recorded telephone conversations between you and I. I will not accept your mail by US postal service or by e-mail. You have my home phone of ***-***-**** or my cellular phone ***-***-****. Please use either phone as of this date forward. Thanks for your cooperation, (her first and last name)”

I thought they weren’t running a business. When he got “business like” in his emails, she told him, “we aren’t running a business, we are raising kids.” This sure sounded like a business email to me.

She won’t accept recorded telephone conversations? Too bad. She was told via letter, back in 1995 that he would only talk to her and her husband at the time, that way because of the harassment he received from her, and from her making a false police report and almost getting him arrested.

If she wants her child support that she’s ALWAYS complaining that he is not paying, or he needs to send insurance information, she better accept his mail by US postal service.

What the hell? LOL….

Important Insurance Information

So I sent Keith, his ex and the kids an email with this information at 12:01pm.

I wrote, “Good Morning Deacon, I called (our insurance) this morning and we are showing in the system, so N can go back to the doctor when it is convenient for him.

I also called (reciprocity insurance) to give them all the information needed for L (only) and they said they would update their system once they verify eligibility with (our insurance) and then send out a new card and whatever else they are going to send out to her.

We are not showing up in the system for dental insurance, but more than likely we have (Dental insurance). Their number is 888-***-****, group # is ****-*. Cindy at (dental insurance) said that it is not surprising we are not in the system, as they are backlogged. This is the insurance we had the last time we had (medical insurance). We can go to any dentist and (Dental insurance) will pay 100% pf the fee schedule, and then it will be forwarded on to J’s insurance for more processing.

That’s all the information I got so far. I don’t think J’s insurance will pay for N’s co pay’s so…N, if you go to the doctors, send us a copy of your receipt and we will reimburse you some of it, ok?

Hasta Luego,